Bebop for Beagles” was commissioned and premiered by Mark and Ute Miller, also known as Duo Renard, based in Dallas, TX. The duet is a tribute to the couple’s pet beagles, Hoover and Roosevelt and their way of life. From utmost relaxation to frantic and playful moments – the two certainly knew how to make the best of life’s challenges.

This “mini-suite” for violin and viola consists of 7 movements. The viola kicks off “Hoover’s Holiday” with a swingy and driving melody, picked up by the violin and developed into a “big band style “arrangement.“Cookies in Space” might be the ultimate dog fantasy – slow motion rotating sweet treats – you can meditate over that during this slow interlude.

“Purzelbaum” is the German word for “Somersault” and this piece plays around with meter changes and overjoyed gestures in double stops and melodic lines. Dog Park, anyone ?Sunbathing does have an important moment in a dog’s day (Cats like it too , by the way). And the blues seems to go nicely with it.

The 5th movement, “Flea Control: Mission Impossible” definitely speaks for itself. A very fast 5/4 meter groove sets the pace and supports virtuosic melodic lines for both players.What Disneyland might be for children, the kitchen is certainly for dogs. Sneaking around and watching the refrigerator close and, more importantly, to open needs a dog’s full concentration.

“The Kitchen Blues” pays tribute to that.The final movement connects with the first in its “swingy” nature and drive. A short motif builds and leads to a solo middle section. Although it might sound improvised, all parts have been written out entirely. Triple stops in both instruments suggest a full horn section.

Maybe it’s time to start dancing now. 

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