Night Train

Large orchestral piece (8 min) – premiered at HEAR NOW Festival 2018 Neil Stulberg, conductor, UCLA Philharmonia Orchestra

“Night Train ” started a few years ago as a piece for 8 cellos (a mini tone poem as I like to call them ) which I expanded later in form and orchestration . The rather bumpy train ride is reflected in the constant meter changes of the “groove” introduced by violoncellos and bassoons and complemented by the brass. Strings and woodwinds with their blurry and moving notes describe the scenery flying by outside the windows. After an abrupt stop, the journey seems to continue in slow motion through a misterious landscape, picks up in speed and comes to a final stop. If this is our final stop or just an accident, we’ll never know. Maybe I’ll write a sequel to this piece one day and we’ll find out. Before the train leaves the station, it has to enter it in reverse. Therefore everything you hear the first 2 minutes is literally the composition backwards.

Score and Rental Material for performance upon request