Classic Argentinian Tangos Vol.1&2

Vol.1 contains a collection of Classic Argentinian Tangos by Angel Villoldo, one of the pioneers of the early Tango. Both, the violin and the piano parts have been arranged for intermediate level. Ángel Gregorio Villoldo Arroyo (16 February 1861 -14 October 1919) was an Argentine musician and was born south of the city of Buenos Aires. He was lyricist, composer and one of the major singers of the era. One of his most famous pieces is “El Choclo” included in the collection.

Vol.2 includes arrangements of Classic Argentinian Tangos by Eduardo Arolas, next to A.Villoldo one of the pioneers of the early Tango.  Eduardo Arolas (February 24, 1892 – September 29, 1924) was an Argentinian tango Bandoneon player, leader and composer..